Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Style

We have all witnessed a party where someone out shined the Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush. At times you probably even turned down invitations to parties because of having nothing to wear or not having a good hair day, either way we all know that the holiday seasons are full of times that you can either shine or outshine and have a possible fashion tragedy.

Let's first talk about the clothes to consider wearing, or not wearing for a holiday party. It never fails that you show up in a glamorous dress and others are in business attire. Or you show up in casual jeans and everyone else wears satin and velvet. Trying to decide what to wear by the guidance of the invitation can be tricky. What really does "Dress Casual" mean? Or "Holiday Attire", is that sparkles, velvet, red shades, silver, or gold? This is wear a elegant black dress and some red lipstick can work for everything. Keeping a few dressy basics will allow you to re-wear items and re invent them by changing up accessories. Not feeling comfortable in a black dress…then invest in a great pair of black pants!

Everyone waits till the holiday season to break out the bling. By adding metallic's and shimmer get's everyone in the mood. While waiting for the opportunity to wear glitz one may get a little anxious and once the time comes they go over board. Wearing too much sparkle can be a fashion risk especially if you wear it in the an area that you do not need to bring attention to, like a beaded top or bottom that you may not want to bring attention to. You may want to save the glitz and shimmer with accessories: a beaded purse, sparkly shoes or a hint of glitter eye shadow can go a long way. One of the best ways to add a holiday look is to add shades of sparkle to your eyes or lips. Face powder that has shimmer can also be added to your complete your holiday look.

Hair is always better when professionally styled. Make the investment to get a blow out prior to an event and you will feel more confident that from every angle you look great. This is a time to go for something more elegant which typically you cannot create on your own.

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