Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall, Winter...and Dry, Fly-A-Way Frizzies!

As the season transition from Fall to Winter you may start noticing that your hair is also changing.

Everything from dry split ends, static electricity, and dry frizzy hair. The environment can create very damaging effects on your hair not only in summer but also winter. People typically are aware of the summer damages, but for winter you need to think of adding moisture.

Many things add to the lack of moisture. Consider that you are being exposed to indoor heating for long periods of time. Many people do not have a humidifier attached to their heating system. If you do have a humidifier you also need to make some adjustments to the amount of moisture by re setting the dial to the appropriate outside temperature.

Taking protective measures by using more leave in conditioners, and leave in balms, along with anti humectants, and using a moisturizing conditioning treatment will help protect your hair from winter damage. Salon Deep conditioning moisturizing treatments under a dryer will allow the moisture to penetrate deeper into the cuticle layers. These types of replenishing treatments will protect your hair from the havoc Winter weather can have on your hair.

Doyle Designed Hair Care line supports this effort with products like "Healthy Hair Complex" a leave in spray with botanicals that help with detangling and can be used daily to infuse moisture and help with static electricity. Another leave in spray is " Strong and Smooth" contains proteins to make the hair stronger and less brittle. The other product that is beneficial is the new "Elixir" which is a conditioning balm that helps to smooth out frizzy hair and increase manageability and shine.

Go to our site and click on "products" to find out more about our product line. We are now accepting orders and payments via Pay Pal! I f you would like to get a deep conditioning treatment call Doyle Designed at 708-799-5758 for an appointment and a consultation on how to protect your hair for the winter season!

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