Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hottest Hair Cuts for Spring & Summer 2014!

Long & Straight: Create long and straight looks by blow-drying locks rather than straightening hair. A wispy end cut will be softer on any face shape. Tip: Keep hair in good condition so invest in regular deep conditioning treatments. Product Tip: Finish your super-straight style with a mist of Doyle Designed Hair Care, "Final Shine". $14. For more information, please visit our website 

The Bob: The biggest haircut taking over 2014 is the bob. On all the fashion runways they are showing a form of the bob . Bobs come in all shapes and sizes, from slick and smooth to choppy and textured. Add a cropped fringe to add a trendy look to your bob. The chin length bob is definitely popular this season. Tip: It is all in the cut. Try building in body by keeping product to a minimum and rough dry with your hand to build body and shine. Not over drying hair locks in moisture. Product Tip: The must-have product before styling hair is to rely on a heat protection spray. $12. For more information, please visit our website 

The Shag: The most versatile of all haircuts. Compliments many types of hair textures. For fine hair the extra layering in the crown helps to add volume. Thick hair gets more control with a defined style. Tip: For lift and fullness rough dry the hair with your hand while blow drying to activate the layers.

The Pixie: Looking for really care free hair style try a short crop! Try a side-swept long pixie cut, a punk-inspired undercut or a barely-there close crop. The perfect pixie crop will never go out of style.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thermal Styling Tips

What you need to know...

Use a Thermal Protectant
A lot of people do not use a thermal protectant. These are crucial to not only protect against heat damage but to enable the iron to slide thru easily.
Use thermal protectant also prior to blow drying.
Tip: On dry hair spray each section from scalp to ends prior to using a curling iron or flat iron.
If you hear a sizzle then you either have damp hair or too much product.

Too High of Heat.
Too Hot of a temperature is what tells you and your stylist that you need to back off of the heat.
Some irons only have a high/low setting. Find an iron or flat iron that has a dial.
Tip: Start off on the low to medium setting then work your way up, but never over 350 degrees.
Unless your hair is thick and curly you do not need to be above that temperature.

Repeat Ironing.
Do not iron the hair more than once if at all possible. Slide the iron slowly in a single movement.
If you do repeat ironing on every section you will cause a lot of damage.
Tip: Do not stop and go while you are flat ironing. This creates horizontal lines that take away from the smooth look.

The Bigger the Better?
Large irons are bulky and often weigh more so there is increased rick of burning yourself.
Larger flat irons work best on long thick hair. 
Tip: If you need to get those little curls around the hairline then use a 1 inch wide straightener.

Keep it Clean!
A build up of product residue on your iron  will not allow it to slide thru the hair.
Tip: When the flat iron is cool take a soft grade of steel wool to remove any build up.
You can also use a little glass cleaner on a damp cloth to remove build up!

Looking for a thermal protectant?
Try Doyle Designed Thermal Protectant.
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Expires 2/28/2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hair Washing Regimen

Are you washing your hair too much?

Winter = Shampoo as little as possible. 


The winter cold temperature lacks moisture in the air making your hair and scalp sensitive and dehydrated which can add to the chance of breakage. Here are two "prescriptions" to maintain natural moisture and oil by adding a regimen of *dry shampoo and *co-washing.  


* Dry shampoo : Refreshes hair in between traditional washing. It also extends your hair style for a couple of days, up to three or four. Doyle Designed "DRY CLEAN" is a product that is a dry powder that helps to make hair fuller and revives body to your hair. 

Tip:You should shake the can prior to application. Spray at the roots and at the hairline then massage through the hair with your fingertips. 


* Co- washingThis is cleansing your hair with a rinse-out conditioner and skip the shampoo. Apply conditioner as though you it was a shampoo. It's the act of massaging your scalp that cleans it without stripping the natural oils.

Tip: After a co-wash you can apply conditioner to ends as normal then rinse.


If you want to try Doyle Designed "DRY CLEAN"

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter & Hair Care

Winter & Hair good to it!
The wintry cold  air lacks moisture making your hair and scalp more sensitive, prone to dry out and can lead to breakage. Shampoo as little as possible. Washing your hair during the winter months too frequently will lead to more damage. Alternate washing your hair every other day but condition  each time. Cleansing your hair with a rinse-out conditioner and skipping shampoo. The trick is applying the conditioner as though you expect it to suds up; it's the act of massaging your scalp that cleans it without stripping the natural oils. If you are shampooing every day Doyle Designed "Rehydrating Shampoo" is designed to moisturize your hair and scalp, and is sulfate free so it is gentle on color treated hair. This will ensure healthy and shiny hair. The new addition of Doyle Designed "Rehydrating Conditioner"  will restore moisture and help to smooth the strands of your hair and will aid in combating winter static electricity. Rinse hair with a lukewarm water temperature not with hot water. Rinsing you hair with cooler water at the end will help to lock in the moisture from your conditioner. With increased blow drying in the winter make sure to use Doyle Designed "Thermal Protectant" . Spray into hair after towel drying to help protect your hair from the damaging effect of heat styling. Static in the hair can be helped with the right product. Applying a small amount of Doyle Designed "Shine Repair" will help to smooth fly away hair and add shine to dry hair.
When in doubt come in for a deep conditioning treatment and take good care of your hair!
My best to all of you....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Colors.....


Fall has come again and we are seeing a change in color and just like the many seasons before the same is happening in the fashion world. Some of the colors in clothing that are popular and we are seeing this Fall are Emerald Green is being shown with pairings of garnet, sapphire and amethyst. Look also for handbags and shoes in this color. Lighter yellow toned greens are also being paired with deeper shades of fall colors. You might try mixing in a little deeper blue with those colors for a relaxed and classic look. Elegant shades of purple can also be mixed with a number of powerful fall shades.
Hair Colors are also reflecting the Fall tones. Blonde with shades of brown mixed in. Brown hair with shades of gold, and small ribbons of color around the face. In the red family mix in red brown shades.
All of these mixtures of color can be achieved with foiling techniques or balayage applications. The difference between the two is one is where you take sections of the hair in square foil where balayage is actually painted on in a sweeping motion and carefully take pieces of hair from around the head and apply color. Either one can be thinner or thicker pieces. Seasonal color trends for hair this Fall are Plum Brown, Cherry Brown, Copper Reds, Blonde Brown, and Chocolate Brown with Carmel accents. 

If you are seeking a new Hair Color for Fall contact Doyle Designed Salon for a complimentary consultation on the new shades of Fall!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hair Rescue...Part Four

Live Consultation - The Results 

The segment you've been waiting for! Doyle shares great styling tips while completing the model's look for greater volume and beautiful hair.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hair Rescue...Part Three

This segment features a live consultation. See a great example of topics you and your stylist should be discussing on your first appointment. This is one of the best ways to start creating your customized haircut, color, and style! — with Doyle Sims and Renee Wieringa at Doyle Designed Salon.

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