Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Trends

A Whole New Look For 2012!

The trend for 2012 is a range of beautiful caramel tones… from eyes to cheeks to lips.

We are seeing a beautiful focus on strong lips and softer eye colors - but lots of liquid liner!

• The cat eye is back.
• Lipsticks are matte and are standing out in many shades.
• Strong eyebrows are still making a statement with shades 1-2 darker than the natural brow.
• Retro Hair mimicking 50's types of style sets are very popular.
• The flip side is hair that is more just from the beach type of looks.
• Yes wet or slightly damp hair has hit the runway this spring.
• Undercut styling and asymmetrical styles are also popping up on the runways.
• Lots of texture, achieved with foils, layering, and, a little magic!

At Doyle Designed Salon, you can follow the trends, or create an entire new look, designed just for you. We talk, find out what your lifestyle is - how much time you want to spend on your look - and if you're looking for a casual, professional, individual or elegant appearance.

Dare to be different and mimic the trends for 2012!

We'll give you another promise. You won't be disappointed.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year...New "Do"...New You!!!

Starting out the New Year often involves resolutions. Either that you need to lose weight, get organized, or start a workout regimen. It's a new year, a chance for a new beginnings, and there is no better way to begin it than with a brand-new image! There is great value in creating a fresh new look to match your face shape and hair texture. While you may be hesitant to commit to a total professional makeover, you will feel renewed and it will lift your spirits with a new look. And with simpler, more natural clothes and makeup in style, it won't break your budget.

Some people think that they need an expensive head-to-toe makeover to start a new year. Try taking baby steps and re vamp your haircut, hair color & style. Consider letting go of a dated look. It is time to at least modify the one you may have had for many years. Take into account that time spent on your hair and makeup should not take up a lot of your time. Consider letting a more natural softer style be your goal. Start the new year by scaling down your product inventory. Be realistic when disposing of your over stocked products. Whether it is hair care, body care, or makeup you probably have many items that have not been used at all this last year or for many years. The term "less is more" is true even in those departments. In the beauty industry and in the fashion world we are going towards more natural looks. Even foundations no longer have to cover your whole face, and are typically more sheer with moisturizers built in. Many contain sun screen and shimmer to them to diffuse line and wrinkles.Try to use it on the areas where you have something to conceal. Get a natural look by blending well. Then use a brush to lightly dust your skin with a face powder.

Start the New Year off by taking some time for yourself and pay attention to your image. After all it is the one thing that people see first, and you want to hold your head up high and not keep your head down so you do not miss any opportunities that may come your way!
Wishing you a beautiful New Year!


Winter is upon us....

During the holidays you are probably seen by many friends, family and colleagues. You need to make sure you are showing up with healthy and rich looking hair! Here are some helpful hints to combat against dry and brittle seasonal hair. A healthy trim will start the season on a good note. A deep conditioning treatment is in your best interest to avoid a dry and damaged look. Call and book a conditioning treatment prior to a haircut service. Arriving a half hour early for this type of treatment will restore and hydrate your hair. Washing your hair during the winter months to frequently will lead to more damaged looking hair. Alternate washing your hair every other day but condition  each time. I recommend Doyle Designed "Rehydrating Shampoo". It is designed to moisturize your hair and scalp, and is sulfate free so it is gentle on color treated hair. This will ensure healthy and shiny hair. Doyle Designed "Instant Conditioner" is a instant conditioner that will restore moisture and help to smooth the strands of your hair and will aid in combating winter static electricity. Rinse hair with a lukewarm water temperature not with hot water. Rinsing you hair with cool water at the end will help to lock in the moisture from your conditioner. Doyle Designed "Thermal Protectant" sprayed into hair after towel drying will help to protect your hair from the damaging effect of heat styling. Static in the hair can be helped with the right product. Applying Doyle Designed "Shine repair" will help to smooth fly away hair and add shine to dry hair. Always try to avoid leaving the house with wet hair. With the cold weather, air drying is not a good option. Since you find yourself grabbing the blow dryer more often, you must blow out your hair properly to avoid dry dull winter hair and overusing additional styling tools. Gently pat you hair dry with a towel after showering, removing any excess water. Brush and detangle your locks by gently brushing with a wide-tooth comb. Try blow drying on a medium heat setting so you are not burning your hair. Thoroughly dry your hair to avoid damage when wearing a winter hat. If you are wearing coats that have wool collars be sure to have a silk scarf or cotton scarf over the collar so you do not create friction and reduces the rubbing on your hairline which can result in damaged hair. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and wish you a healthy new year!