Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life's Lessons

My life experience has taught me that people often do not do the best at their jobs. I have tried to recognize whether it’s because they don't want to, don't care to.... or they can't.

This is just how life is for some people. Sometimes when they can't do their job or other responsibilities, it means they need more training, information, resources, or hope and guidance. Sometimes people just need someone to educate them.

People are sometimes left ignorant. Not that they do not desire to know something, it is that someone has not offered to take the time to teach, or mentor them. Sometimes when people don't do their job to a stellar level it is very often an attitude challenge or a defense mechanism to not let someone know that they are not fully aware of what either needs to be done, or what they themselves can do. Therefore they may exude an attitude that is not conducive to a great experience.

The process of mentoring and educating is inspiring and will make people to feel good about themselves, confident and therefore want to do their best. It is also a way to nurture yourself and know that you have inspired strength and confidence in another human being. Whatever you are doing you need to continue to hone your craft and update your strategies, knowledge, and techniques so that you continue to have a prosperous life, not only financially but spiritually. Inspire someone today!

My goal with this blog is to educate, inspire and provide an insight on image so that all of the world will realize they are beautiful!

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To your future success!
Doyle W. Sims


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