Monday, September 5, 2011

Hair & Beauty Rescue!

Welcome to the first installment of Hair & Beauty Rescue...

Every week or two, you'll find facts, tips, tricks and secrets on various hair and beauty topics. Some of the (hair) areas we'll be covering are:
  • Product Intervention: Learn how to synergize your hair care products thru crossentration!  Stop the abuse...
  • Texture Denial: Accept and beautify your hair texture. Embracing your natural curl.
  • Color Coated Challanges:  Explore the possibilities of new and improved hair color options and processes!
  • Damage Control: Become aware of how hair damage is caused, what to do to prevent and correct it.
  • New "Do" New You:  Creating a fresh new look to match your face shape and hair texture.
We'll also be talking about and reviewing new makeup trends, nail care, your image, and more.

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