Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Colors.....


Fall has come again and we are seeing a change in color and just like the many seasons before the same is happening in the fashion world. Some of the colors in clothing that are popular and we are seeing this Fall are Emerald Green is being shown with pairings of garnet, sapphire and amethyst. Look also for handbags and shoes in this color. Lighter yellow toned greens are also being paired with deeper shades of fall colors. You might try mixing in a little deeper blue with those colors for a relaxed and classic look. Elegant shades of purple can also be mixed with a number of powerful fall shades.
Hair Colors are also reflecting the Fall tones. Blonde with shades of brown mixed in. Brown hair with shades of gold, and small ribbons of color around the face. In the red family mix in red brown shades.
All of these mixtures of color can be achieved with foiling techniques or balayage applications. The difference between the two is one is where you take sections of the hair in square foil where balayage is actually painted on in a sweeping motion and carefully take pieces of hair from around the head and apply color. Either one can be thinner or thicker pieces. Seasonal color trends for hair this Fall are Plum Brown, Cherry Brown, Copper Reds, Blonde Brown, and Chocolate Brown with Carmel accents. 

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