Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Fashion & Color Trends

As Fall begins it journey through the changing of colors of the canvas of nature the same is happening in the fashion world. Some of the colors in clothing we are seeing this fall are Royal Blue, Deep Orange, Peach, Dark Teal, Deep Rust Red, Mustard Yellow, and Turquoise. All of them supported by coordinate of Black. Hair color and make up trends aim to accent these shades. Hair color has more Golden shades for Blondes, Vibrant Crimson Reds, and Deeper and Darker shades of Brown and Black.

Makeup also follows suit. Deeper lip colors in shades of Cherry Red, Deep Purple in more matte textures. Smokey eyes are still making a statement but now with more Brown tones. Green eye shadow is also being seen along with exaggerated eye liner. If those colors are too bold for you or just do not match your personality, go with gold colors on lips and eyes. Discover the new powders that highlight the face and diffuse skin perfections. Either way you go, try to have some fun with the new looks and make a change, even if it is just for a season!

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