Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Hair Care Strategies

Here we are right in the heat of things, between the summer sun,  chlorine, and the battle of attempting to keep your curly hair smoother or even straight during humid days. What to do?
Here are some tips:
Summer Sun can be brutal on Hair, especially on color treated hair. One of the best ways to help prevent fading is very simple, wear a hat! Also consider spraying in a leave-in conditioning treatment like Doyle Designed Healthy Hair Complex which contains a sunscreen to protect against sun damage. Chlorine is another culprit that can build up on the hair. My best tip is to think of your hair like a sponge. If it is dry compared to wet it will absorb more water and Chlorine. So wet your hair prior to entering into a pool or hot tub so that your hair is wet not dry therefore it will not absorb the chlorine as much. If you swim often consider using an anti-chlorine treatment system to remove build up. At Doyle Designed Salon we offer Anti- Chlorine treatments that include removing the chlorine build up and is followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Okay Curly Girls try to keep your curls moisturized during the summer months. Leave in conditioning balms like the new Doyle Designed Hair Care "leave in" balm will allow your hair to dry with less frizz and dryness.
If you are going to try to smooth out your curls by blow drying and flat ironing make sure to use a smoothing gel like Doyle Designed Smoothing then spray in Doyle Designed Thermal Protectant proceed to dry hair, then once you are ready to iron the hair again spray the thermal protectant on the hair in sections that you are putting an iron on. At the end apply a small amount of pomade of Doyle Designed Shine Repair to smooth out the fly aways!
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