Friday, March 30, 2012

Contest Time!

Doyle Designed Salon Referral Campaign

Over the many years I have been in the beauty industry I have always believed that my current customers were the most important part of my success. Many people spend more money on marketing to new clients than recognizing and rewarding their inner circle of clients.

Recently Creative Age publications, a company that hundreds of thousands beauty professionals read every month in all segments of the beauty industry put out the question "What are you doing to give new life to your business this Spring?”

I have written articles for, and done photographic hair & makeup for their publications. So I decided that I would send in my idea for an April thru May recruitment campaign for new consumers, but referred by my current clients, and reward them with money and an incentive for the client who refers the most new clients a bigger reward to thank them for the referrals.

Below is the publication and the article which I am quoted in!


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