Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Trends

A Whole New Look For 2012!

The trend for 2012 is a range of beautiful caramel tones… from eyes to cheeks to lips.

We are seeing a beautiful focus on strong lips and softer eye colors - but lots of liquid liner!

• The cat eye is back.
• Lipsticks are matte and are standing out in many shades.
• Strong eyebrows are still making a statement with shades 1-2 darker than the natural brow.
• Retro Hair mimicking 50's types of style sets are very popular.
• The flip side is hair that is more just from the beach type of looks.
• Yes wet or slightly damp hair has hit the runway this spring.
• Undercut styling and asymmetrical styles are also popping up on the runways.
• Lots of texture, achieved with foils, layering, and, a little magic!

At Doyle Designed Salon, you can follow the trends, or create an entire new look, designed just for you. We talk, find out what your lifestyle is - how much time you want to spend on your look - and if you're looking for a casual, professional, individual or elegant appearance.

Dare to be different and mimic the trends for 2012!

We'll give you another promise. You won't be disappointed.


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