Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Image & Social Media

Like it or not, your staff are representing you on social media. People who complete their profiles—on Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, or any other social media platform—typically include the name of their employer. That means when investors or clients or potential employees search for the name of your company or your industry, your employees’ profiles are bound to show up in the results.

Take the opportunity to help define your employees’ profiles by giving them the tools to maintain a professional image online. After all, their photos and messages affect your business image! Consider making the investment in organizing a professional head shot day. This can help with growth opportunities for your employees will help you to extend your company and their professional image online. Have a photographer come in and set-up a mini studio that includes studio backdrop and lighting, professional hairstyling and makeup, and a schedule that accommodates personalized service. Your staff will be so delighted with the photos, they’ll want to use them on all their social media sites!
Your Web searches such as google will now show polished professionals eager to serve. This is a sure fire way to take your social media profile to a higher level and make a great  first impression!

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